Rua Clodoaldo Gomes, 300

Distrito Industrial

89219-901, Joinville, SC

+55 (47) 3441 9100


TAF history

TAF Indústria de Plásticos arose with the privatization of Brazilian electrical dealers and with the aim of offering the market solutions in the area of electricity metering and distribution. Today TAF has products validated all over BRAZIL and several countries in SOUTH AMERICA. IT IS TAF present in energy measurement in SOUTH AMERICA.

TAF was founded on July 01st, 1997 and started its activities on November 03rd, 1998, after concluded its own headquarters and acquired machines and tooling. Initially its corporate name was Metalúrgica TAF Ltda and then after July 01st, 2001 became TAF Indústria de Plásticos Ltda.

This alteration was due to the separation of the products made of plastic material and those ones made of metallic material, which became to be manufactured by KOCH Indústria de Caixas Metálicas, a company of the group managed by the Ferreira de Carvalho family.

The name TAF represents the initials of members of the FERREIRA DE CARVALHO family.
T: Terezinha and Tatiana
A: Amandio and Alexandre
F: Fábio and Fernando.

And its logotype contains the wings of a bird representing a constant safe flight towards the future.